This is the beginning of the log splitter.
Note the hardened cutting blade extends to the base of the large "I" beam. We cut away the original metal and replaced it with the blade.
Incredibly strong mounted this way.
Both end ram pins are enclosed in a welded box structure for extra rigidity.
Next we added the hydraulic ram and sliding plate. This cylinder used to operate one of the latches on a giant sports dome before we got ahold of it.
It's large diameter tail rod not only makes it strong, but gives a much faster retract speed.
The sliding plate is designed to use the upper flat of the I beam as a guide.

We've added hoses to connect to the tractor and a control valve for the operator. The finished product mounted on a trailer and ready to do some work.

Using the high pressure hydraulics from a skid loader, shearing oak sideways is no problem.

Watch it in action

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