An Easter From Hell

While in the pursuit of happiness...
We'd just gotten our newest toy, a parasail, and had been pulling it with an ATV.
This time we decided to try pulling it with my nephew's SUV.
Soaring high above, oblivious to the weak ice just ahead of the tow vehicle, I was having a ball.
Suddenly, without warning, the rear axle broke through the ice, bringing the ride to an unceremonious end.
After near success using the winch on an ATV, we get the bright idea that a tractor will provide the extra pull to extract the Bronco - wrong!
Now with two vehicles broken through, we've really got a mess on our hands and the ice is melting quickly in the 50+ degree temperatures. Time to call in the pros from Johnson Towing. They arrive with plenty of help along with a portable winch and lots of plywood to spread the weight out over the weakened ice.
The Bronco came out easily. In less than an hour it was on dry land.
The Farmall tractor was a different matter. It's triangular shape broke through the ice and fought us all the way to shore.
The tractor is almost out and we're totally relieved!
All in all, one hell of a way to spend Easter.

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