This is what the tree looked like before we started.
Though we're not really sure, we estimate the tree was over 100 years old.  It has always been a landmark on the farm, measuring over 21 feet around.
In later years the tree has fallen prey to damage and disease, finally deteriorating to the point of being unsafe.
Tim stands next to the draft hole we cut in the back of the hollow tree to aid in combustion.

Tim ingnites the fire. Note the entire trunk is filled with dry firewood. Fully engulfed in flames, the process begins.

By evening, the tree has lost some limbs, but the trunk appears sturdy. The next morning the tree is still standing and we have to add more firewood.

Then, without warning, the huge tree collapses after burning 23 hours. The debris covers a large area and will take a lot of work to clean up.

Tyde and uncle Mike standing in what's left of the trunk. We're almost done with cleanup. Two years later the oaks that were in it's shade are filling out. Except for photographs, the huge tree fades from memory as if it was never there...

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