The Legacy of Old Blister

The 280hp 150+ mph ice dragster

The original Black Magic powerplant

2015 brought a Hooper Motor and new pipes

Pit Row ice racing style

Tyde puts on his protective gear before a run

Tyde and Old Blister (#30) make a run - yeah, she's LOUD

Numbers that make your day - 153.00mph!

Cooling the engine down after a run with the cool down cart

Then - Disaster at Pine Lake

After coming off a record setting weekend at Naytahwaush, hopes were high for the Winter Nationals at Gonvick's Pine Lake.

During the pre run warm-up Old Blister's track separated and part of it became a missile.

The warmup stand normally holding the machine up is not visible because it's 40 feet in the air!

The red circle is the part of the track that blew through the stand and is now going through the plywood protector!

What's left of the warmup stand...amazing it missed everything and everyone.
They've since been unable to find a replacement track and have suspended racing.